Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tulle Flip Flops

I've seen these on a couple different blogs and decided to try them out for my 7 year old daughter and one of her friends. These are really quick to make, inexpensive, and cute!

a pair of flip flops (We bought these at Hobby Lobby for the regular price of $1.49!)
2 rolls of 6 inch wide colored tulle (Hobby Lobby has a large variety of 6 inch tulle rolls. We used 40% off coupons on the regular priced $4.99 sparkle tulle rolls.)

Cut 20-6 inch pieces of each color for a total of 40-6 inch squares. Tie 2 at a time of the same color onto the flip flop. Do 5 knots (using 10 squares) on each side of the flip flop strap. After all the knots are tied, trim down the tulle to even it all out and achieve desired length. I trimmed off about a half inch of tulle. (You could just start out with a 5 inch square, but with the 6 inch rolls of tulle I think it's easier to just do the trimming after!)

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