Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Tutu

My daughter is going to be a witch for Halloween this year and wanted a new witch tutu skirt, because she wore out the one Grandma made last year!

-elastic (try to buy elastic to match the skirt...I bought black for this one.)
-tulle (For the tutu pictured, I bought 2 yards of glittery green off the bolt at JoAnn's and a roll of 6 inch black at Hobby Lobby. I recommend buying just the rolls if you can find them. JoAnn's has limited colors in the wedding section and Hobby Lobby was out of glittery everything, so I just bought it by the yard, but it's a lot more work cutting it out that way!) Just a note...the glittery tulle is really cute, but you will have glitter all over your house for years! I am putting this one away for use on Halloween and I'll make her another one to play in now, but without the glitter!

-Measure around the waist and subtract an inch or two, because the elastic will stretch out. Sew the ends together. (I've seen tutorials where a stapler is used for this step, but that seems scary to me!)
-Determine the length you want for the skirt and cut out strips 6 inches x double the length you want, because the length will be doubled over.
-Tie the tulle onto the elastic. Here are some good pictures of how to tie the tulle on...
I found it much easier to tie on after I put the elastic around a gallon jug of vinager (use whatever you have) to help it stay in place. If you are making a larger tutu you can use the back of a chair. Try to tie the knots close together to get a fuller tutu.

I think these would also make a cute, fun, and inexpensive gift!

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